Spotlight on… "The Good Lie"


IOM is proud to announce the premier of the film “The Good Lie” on Friday, April 24th across selected cinemas in the UK. The movie, starring Reese Witherspoon and Arnold Oceng, tells the story of a group of Sudanese refugees who are resettled to Kansas City, Missouri, where they meet an employment agency counsellor who transforms their lives. Britain has a proud tradition of protecting refugees from many different countries, including Sudan. For some people, a resettlement place in Britain may give them their first ever night’s sleep in a real bed; access to running water and simply, the hope of a better future.

 As we face increasing instability and conflict in various global locations – and most notably Syria – this films reminds us that we can do more to help people in situations like this and offer them the opportunity to rebuild their lives in safety. There are many more refugees around the world in need of resettlement than there are available places. While the film follows a select group of refugees who are successfully resettled, you are reminded of the many individuals left behind in refugee camps. This reflects a growing and sober reality; many refugees wait decades before being resettled, if ever. Sadly, Europe accepts very few refugees for resettlement, while the US is the world’s top resettlement country.

 Part of IOM UK’s work is providing resettlement assistance to refugees in different parts of the world. Read about our work here, including a story from Ahmed, one of the Somali refugees we helped resettle to the UK. Watch “The Good Lie” trailer here, see the movie this weekend and find out more about the life-changing journeys refugees go through to seek safety and stability.

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