Spotlight On... Climate Change and Migration

"The environment is an aggravating dynamic which contributes to migration push factors but it is only a part of the multiple external factors which cause people to move."

- IOM’s Climate Change and Migration Policy Officer, Dina Ionesco

IOM is working towards increased awareness, understanding and action on the linkages between human mobility and climate. IOM aims to manage environmental migration at each stage of the migration cycle by: minimising forced or unmanaged migration; protecting those that are affected to seek durable solutions; facilitating the role of migration as an adaptation strategy to climate change while advocating for climate change policy to address issues of human mobility. IOM’s engagement on migration and climate focus on the 7 A’s:

Adaptation: Giving prominence to the potential of migration as a positive adaptation strategy, taking into consideration disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, and sustainable development and resilience implications.
Abilities: Calling attention to the capacities needed at the policy and community levels to respond to issues associated with human mobility in the context of climate change and environmental degradation.
Alliances: Encouraging partnerships and collaboration among all key stakeholder at international, regional, national and local levels, across policy areas and with governmental, non-governmental and private actors to ensure that a wide range of policy options is developed.
Action: Highlighting actions already being taken and existing good practices to encourage replication and development of new tailored solutions.
Assessments: Assessing and evaluating existing data for evidence based and producing new evidence and research.
Assets: Accessing funds to develop activities on migration and adaptation and harnessing the potential of migration-related sources of financing, for example, remittances and diaspora investment.
Advocacy: Giving a voice to environmental migrants and adopting rights based approaches.
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Top Stories

IOM DDG to Launch UK’s First Parliamentary Group on Diaspora, Development and Migration

29-January-2015 - The IOM Deputy Director General, Ambassador Laura Thompson, will be a keynote speaker at the official launch of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Diaspora, Development and Migration, chaired by AFFORD UK, in the House of Commons on Tuesday, February 3rd in London. 

IOM and UKCCMC host joint Breakfast Briefing on Climate Change and Migration

December-12-2014 - Climate change and migration are both highly sensitive topics in today’s political landscape. Research into both issues has reshaped our understanding of the relationship between climate change and the movement of people; however policy makers and civil society organisations have yet to build this new insight into their work. 

Migrant Deaths on World Borders, Jan-Nov 2014

IOM’s Head of Migration Research Presents Findings of Migrant Deaths at Sea in London

December-4-2014 - The number of deaths at sea in 2014 continues to rise and has reached unprecedented levels since 2010. Data collection has become a crucial element to understanding the profiles of those who are most at risk. This was the main topic of discussion on Wednesday, December 3rd at the IOM office in London where Frank Laczko, Head of the IOM Migration Research Division, presented the findings of the report “Fatal Journeys: Tracking lives lost during Migration”.